This Fashion Life

Brochure Design

Brochure design for the BFI - British Film Institute to promote a series of fashion films and documentaries.


The Challenge

The BFI - British Film Institute is presenting a series of films and documentaries on fashion designers and personalities and the creation of Haute Couture collections.

The BFI required the design of a brochure for the British Film Festival to promote the films screened at the BFI various locations during the festival.

This-fashion-life This-fashion-life

The Idea

Fashion represents a world of extravagance, creativity, passion, elegance and aspiration, where many wish to be part of.

The design of the brochure took inspiration from this dreamy and exclusive world, where innovation, ambition and luxury were the key elements.

This-fashion-life This-fashion-life

The Solution

Straight and sharp elements are used in the design to represent the cutting-edge and grandiose allure of the fashion world and its protagonists.

As well, the colours chosen needed to portray the opulence of fashion, hence the restriction to only use gold, black and white colours throughout the design.

A type lockup was specifically created for the front page of the brochure.

This-fashion-life This-fashion-life