Make Shapes

Advertising Campaign

An advertising campaign developed for Lululemon in the era of self-care, to help consumers access the creative within in an effort to become the best version of themselves in all facets of life.


The Challenge

Research has shown that stress can have a strong negative impact in our creative thinking and processing.

The Make Shapes campaign aims to reach out to designers and creatives everywhere to share the benefits of yoga on their daily and working lives.


The Idea

To counter the impact of stress on our creative selves, Lululemon set out to create an advertising campaign that promotes a series of Pop-Up Yoga classes, created specifically to combat the effects of stress on daily and working lives of creative individuals, and shed light on how stress can reduce dramatically the creative potential within us.

Make-shapes Make-shapes

The Solution

Visual identity for the campaign found its inspiration from the use of straight-forward, direct and simple messaging that is shared by both the creative and yoga community.

Bold and clean sans serif fonts were believed to strike a direct impact on messages, as well as the use of simple geometrical elements, allowing room for connection of the two worlds.

The colour palette is based on the concepts of calmness and tranquility, earthy tones were thought best to represents the concepts and support the idea of the campaign.

Make-shapes Make-shapes